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Meet Dr. Goerl, Our Eye Doctor near you in Haymarket & Winchester, Virginia

Our eye doctor near you in the Haymarket & Winchester, VA, Dr. Goerl is experienced in diagnosing and treating whatever obstacle stands between you and your best vision and comfort. He is able to patiently explain to you the results of your eye exam and discuss your best options for treatment. Dr. Goerl specializes in finding the cause for those who suffer from dry eye syndrome. Your optometrist near you, Dr. Goerl also can perform pediatric eye exams, LASIK surgery co-management, treating eye emergencies and optical issues related to diabetes. He is also knowledgeable in many ways that changes to your our diet and lifestyle affect your eyes with advice to improve your life and vision for the better!

Live in Gainesville? Get an Eye Exam at Eyepro,your Walmart Vision Center

Reminder: Bring your current contact lens and/or eyeglass prescription with you!

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams – Our Eyepro doctor provides a complete vision evaluation.
  • Insurance We provide both medical and routine eye care & accept a number of insurance plans.
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Meet our Eye Doctor
  • Dr. Daniel Goerl is the #1 Eye Doctor in Gainesville, VA for LASIK Co-management.

  • From LASIK Co-management, detecting Ocular Disease with the latest in eye health technology, and a personal, attentive approach to his patients, Dr. Goerl has been a leading optometrist in Haymarket for over 15 years. Visit us today to see for yourself.
  • Since 1987 – Over 30 trusted years of experience in LASER Eye Surgery.

  • Dr. Goerl Can Save You $1600 on LASIK!
Dan Goerl, O.D. is a board certified Virginia licensed optometrist and has practiced medical eye care for 25 years in Northern Virginia, including Tysons Corner, Springfield, Herndon, Manassas and Warrenton. As a resident of Gainesville for 17 years, he is proud to bring advanced vision and medical eye care to Haymarket. Dr. Goerl,...
See What Others Say About Dr. Goerl
I was a walk in and got to see Dr. Goerl relatively quick time on a Tuesday morning. I've had issues with previous places and them giving me incorrect prescriptions (we are talking extremely inaccurate prescriptions!!). Dr Goerl sat down with me and did multiple tests to ensure everything was perfect for my eyes. I asked dozens of questions and he answered everything for me. He also reassured that my eyes were good and haven't changed much with my current glasses (again other places said I am developing glaucoma or losing vision rapidly). I highly recommend Dr Goerl, he doesn't fear monger and try to cheat you to make more money. He truly cares and really took the time to remove all of my concerns and stresses about my eyes. His kindness and patience ensured that I will be returning with friends and family for future check ups.
- Andrew K.
Man suffering from Dry Eyes

Eyepro provides Dry Eye Treatment to get your eyes clear and irritation-free. Dr. Goerl and our staff will evaluate your eye care history to best treat your case of dry eyes. Our Dry Eye Clinic has treated Dry Eye Syndrome in Haymarket, VA for over 25 years.

If you face extremely watery eyes, itchiness or redness, and irritation, schedule an appointment today with Dr. Goerl to get relief.

Parents over 40, great eyesight, with their kids

Learn more about what vision issues arise after age 40, as well as multi-focal contacts, progressive lenses and reading glasses.

  • Progressive Lenses
  • Multi-focal Contacts
  • Reading Glasses

We accept eye emergencies for eye or ocular trauma, foreign body removal, and related issues.

Young woman wearing contact lenses

Look Great. Feel Great.
We carry a wide selection of beautiful contact lenses for every type of vision. We now carry Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® contact lenses for Presbyopia

Qualifying for LASIK surgery depends on multiple factors, costs, and most importantly, your eye health. Don't get sucked into the pressure of finding the right surgeon or get sold on the wrong LASIK program.

Start by contacting Dr. Goerl for a LASIK consultation for the most up-to-date information, unbiased advice, and receive proper LASIK co-management from start to finish.

Schedule Your LASIK Consult
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The Optomap® Retinal Exam as an important part of our eye exams. The Optomap® Retinal Exam produces an image that is as unique as your fingerprint and provides us with a wide view to look at the health of your retina. The retina is the part of your eye that captures the image of what you are looking at, similar to film in a camera.

The Optomap® Retinal Exam is fast, easy, and comfortable for all ages. To have the exam, you simply look into the device one eye at a time and you will see a comfortable flash of light to let you know the image of your retina has been taken.

Learn More About The Optomap® Retinal Exam

Red cross

Eye Emergencies

At Eyepro in Haymarket & Winchester, VA we offer emergency eye care services. Did you injure your eyes? Or are you suspecting that you have an eye infection? If you have chronic symptoms of pain, vision issues, or bleeding, you should contact us immediately. Most of these conditions need prompt attention.

Our eye doctor is happy to treat such eye emergencies in the Haymarket area. If need be, call us!

Please call our Haymarket office at: 703-754-1113 & our Winchester office at: 540-535-2096 for further instructions. Use your best judgment on urgency, if you feel the need to find the nearest emergency room.

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